Item Spotlight: Bops

This week’s item spotlight is out newest addition to the Grateful Days store: Bops! Bops has been (and always will be) one of our favorite products to sell here. Bops is a business started out of the home of entrepreneur Amy Bernard. With a passion for art and a vision for female empowerment, Amy began thinking of ways to greater her impact with products for change. She didn’t stop just there, she wanted a global impact and that is just what she did!  A portion of all revenue bought from Bops wholesale and retail purchases goes back to empowering women entrepreneurs across the globe. That being said, Bops uses a portion of its profits to teach practical skills to women and help them build and sustain their very own business. Bops also started the Bops Sewing Program in which impoverished women are taught to sew and given a sewing machine upon graduation and completion of the program, so that she may sew in order to provide a living for her family. “Whether it’s working with locals in Louisiana or teaching new skills abroad, it’s our passion to raise the next generation of female leaders,” she says.

By simply buying our Bops products not only do you support local business right here in Dahlonega, but you also help impoverished women all over the globe gain a tremendous opportunity to provide a living for their families. Not to mention Bops products are adorable! With a tremendous amount of cute products to chose from it’s easy to help Bops partner up to live up to their motto: Live creatively. Give Freely.

Check out our site link to purchase these adorable Bops products!

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