Our Style Inspiration!

Lots of people come into our store and ask us how we pick such groovy and eclectic clothes that will still sell! Our answer is simple: we’re inspired by you! Our customers provide us with such a wide range of styles that we aim to please all of you! From the trendiest hipster to the hippie flower child we’ve got it all.

One of our favorite pieces that never goes out of styles are our skirts. Our rack of skirts has everything from colorful, patterned and flowy, to simple, velvet and chic. Each customer who purchases one of our assorted skirts has a different story to tell and it shows through each skirt.

Being located in the heart of Dahlonega, Georgia just blocks from the University of North Georgia, lots of our style inspiration comes from the diverse style and taste of the college students that go here. But, also being the third most visited city in Georgia for tourism (behind Atlanta and Savannah) the mountain town of Dahlonega brings in thousands of tourists with thousands of awesome styles and tastes to help inspire us!

When we opened our store we strove to provide not only the college students, but to also provide the community with a unique store of gifts and merchandise. We love our shirts and skirts flowy, our tee shirts representing the best bands, our bajas warm and colorful, our tie dyes patterned and groovy, our wind chimes whimsical, our candles and incense smelly (in a good way), our coffee mugs cute and always full, our tapestries big and bold, and our jewelry fun and expressive!

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