Item Spotlight: Boho Twists by 3Seams

So  many people come into our store and are amazed at all the products we offer that give portions of proceeds back to people in need. Last week, we featured one of our favorite brands Bops and their story of how they empower women through their giving back. This week our item spotlight are Boho Twists by 3Seams! These twists can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, headband, hair tie or anklet and are inspired by “cow rope” that Cambodian women make to lead their cows to and from the pastures! The story of how “cow rope” became a fashion accessory is rather interesting and ironic. After a day in the village in Cambodia with the women, 3Seams creators needed to come up with some sort of idea that could utilize the bags upon bags of scraps that were coming from our children’s messenger bags and hand bags. After seeing a video on YouTube they tried their best to make yarn from scraps of fabric. With no success for about 30 minutes, one of the village women and also their translator piped up and asked if she could try. Immediately, she effortlessly spun the fabric into a long rope of yarn. When asked how she did this she stated that every woman in Cambodia knows how to do this, it’s the rope to lead the cows. This discovery that all women could make this was a huge game changer for 3Seams, as this was finally something all the women, American or Cambodian, could participate in doing altogether since some were afraid of using the sewing machine. This gave everyone in the village the opportunity for a job, allowing them to bring income in for their families.

This piece became the best seller for 3Seams and allowed them to launch an even bigger global impact. We here at Grateful Days love the 3Seams story and hope that you will too. For just $13.99 you can own your very own Boho Twist or Cow Rope! Not only are you purchasing a multi-functional accessory but also helping providing jobs for women all over the world!


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