Item Spotlight: Elephant Pants


What are elephant pants?

These pants are colorfully printed in our favorite bohemian colors and prints, exhibiting the beautiful and magnificent. While these pants are vivid and bright. they are also loose and comfy for all the occasions! Whether relaxing on the couch or taking on a festival, these pants are the perfect match for you!

What makes them so special?

A portion of every pair of pants purchased helps save the elephants from poachers pushing them towards extinction. Each pattern is named after a special elephant that was rescued and safe from harm.  Their company is based in Thailand by a talented team of seamstresses, who are fairly paid 2x the minimum wage and provided a clean and environmentally friendly environment.

How do I know I am actually saving elephants?

The Elephant Pants partners with Tusk, an organization that “supports and connects the people most promising solutions to the crisis facing Africa’s wildlife”. This company has raised $145,615 that was donated to charities serving and protecting the elephants of Africa. Tusk has been focusing not only on the poaching of elephants, but also on protecting their habitats and conserving the African communities through educating it’s people on the economic value of their wildlife.





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