Happy Home!

Does your house show your passion and presence?

When decorating your house, apartment, or dorm it is so important to remember what your passions are and what makes you happy. Because at the end of the day you are the one living there. While decorating your living space, you need to focus on the details and stick to the following rules.

Make good use of space. There never seems to be enough space in houses, apartments, and dorms, so it is very important to use wall space to your advantage. Your walls are your blank canvas to create a beautiful piece of art. Every detail counts. Whether you want a one big thing to solve your wall problems or you want lots of little things to create your own master piece, we have an awesome selection of wall decor including a large selection of Tapestries.

 Make it cozy. The best way to make any room feel like home is to fill the room with a smell that will always remind you of home. Here at Grateful Days we have a wide variety of candles that will do just that.  From Flashpoint Candles to Alcoholwicks we are sure to have a smell for you.

Focus on the positives. When trying to focus on the positives  the best thing to do is to constantly remind yourself how blessed you are and to remind yourself everything is going to be okay. You want to surround your self with little reminders. We have the little pieces of encouragements you need to see each day.

Keep it clean and tidy. The best way to keep your space your space and keep people from tracking mud and dirt in is to have a front door rug or mat. But why should you have to settle and compromise your style to keep your space clean. At Grateful Days you don’t! We have an awesome selection of colorful rugs to choose from.

Invite people over to see all the details you’ve put into creating your awesome living space. Order a pizza and play a board game, you are bound to create memories that you will not forget.

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