Item Spotlight: Tapestries

What are tapestries?

Tapestries are a type of textile, visual art that is used for decoration on walls or floors. They can also be used as a quick sitting place for a picnic, concert, festival, etc. Their patterns an designs appeal to people as well. The concept of a fabric hanging makes for a creative and stylish piece to any room or soft “sheet” allows for a comfortable place to sit on a beautiful day.

History of tapestries

Beginning even during ancient Egyptians and Incas who buried their dead in tapestries to European churches utilizing the weaving technique to illustrate Biblical stories on tapestries, these works of art have utilitarian and decorative purpose. Into the Middle Ages, people recognized tapestries as a symbol of high class and aristocracy. The oldest set of existing tapestries depicting Biblical stories dates back to 1375. Image result for Apocalypse of St John tapestry

Tapestries of today

Today, in popular culture, tapestries can be found hung on walls in apartments, stores, and homes across the globe. The different designs and colors available appeal to a variety of consumers! Psychedelic or patterned. Maps or quotes. Whatever fits your taste!


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Peace and love!

Grateful Days

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