New Touch on an Old Legacy

      Dahlonega has been known through out time as “The City of Gold”. Many believe this is due to the town being the second significant gold rush in the United States and the first in Georgia, but we like to believe that Dahlonega is “The City of Gold” due to its rich history and lively people. The towns history is a very important part of Dahlonega’s culture and its way of life. As many people say it is important to know where you came from when you get going.

     Here at Grateful Days we are super excited for what is to come for us as our move up to the Conner House unfolds. As we bring our own style into the house we also love the history of the people that were here before us.

The Conner House was built by Dr. C. Hamilton “Ham” Jones in 1885, making it one of the oldest buildings on the square. After building the house, Jones lived and worked out of the house until his death in 1912. Jones practiced medicine and dispensed medication from a pharmacy and small office next to the house. After his passing his widow, Theodocia took in boarders for a dollar a night.

      As many of the houses in Dahlonega are the Conner House is speculated to be haunted. There have been many stories of things moving by themselves and voices in the house. During the 1970’s renovations these rumors became more frequent after a skeleton was found in the basement of the building. However, after more research it was discovered that the skeleton was used by Dr. Jones for medical reference. Despite all these rumors and stories, there has never been any real reports of paranormal activities within the Conner House.

       When deciding to relocate up onto the square the Conner House presented to be a perfect match to Grateful Days. The Conner House and Grateful Days are invested in show the importance of celebrating and preserving the past and embracing a style of your own. As our adventure here at the Conner House continues we are excited to see what is to come. We are having an amazing time embracing all the history and different decor in the house such as the beautiful fireplaces as well as the colorful light fixtures. As well as bring our own style into the house such as our lively wall colors and foot tapping music.

We hope to see you here at the Conner House soon!


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